Cotton Harvest in Fisher County

Cotton Harvest in Fisher County







Mission: To provide quality, relevant outreach and continuing education programs and services to the people of Fisher County.

Fisher County is a part of Central West Texas known as the Rolling Plains. It is located fifty miles to the southeast of the High Plains, or the Cap Rock. The size of the county is practically thirty miles square and contains 906 square miles. Fisher County seeps with historical romance and intrigue. Little imagination is required to visualize the stupendous change from the first recorded Spanish Expedition that crossed Fisher County in 1541 to present day.

Its broad prairies of grass, broken by occasional streams and canyons, made it a good area for pioneers. Farmers also came to the area, and towns of Roby, Rotan, and numerous communities were established.

Today, Fisher County is largely diversed in agriculture and natural resources. Predominate agriculture commodities are cotton, cattle, and wheat. Hunting opportunities include; Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Bobwhite Quail, Rio Grande Turkey, Mourning & Whitewing Dove, and Feral Hogs. The county is also known as the “Quail Hunting Capital of Texas.”